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Farmhouse exterior home photo in Atlanta

Hi There!

We love the South and the Low Country! We believe that Southern Living is the best kind of living. Whether you are new to the area contemplating a new build or new purchase, or if you have been here all of your life and you are just making a change, we can help you out and make every one of your Southern Dreams come true! Communication is key. We're here for whatever you need. We'll help you solidify your vision and keep in constant contact until your dream is realized! With a collective 30 years experience our network is vast! We have a team that includes Real Estate Brokerage, Architecture, Interior Design and Construction - we've got every step of the process covered!

Lauren Schroeder


Lauren is a South Carolina girl for life. A graduate of Clemson University she knows what is is like growing up in the South and living life to its fullest. She has over 20 years of design experience working on projects of all sizes, working hand-in-hand with the client to bring their dreams to life.


Dave Schroeder

Real Estate Broker

Dave is a farm boy from Iowa that found his way to the South by way of marriage. He learned the importance of hard work and dedication at a young age and has never stopped going since.  He graduated from the University of South Florida and has been in the Real Estate Industry since 2004 and involved in Real Estate Development since 2008.